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Tentang Pt.Tatra



TATRA INDONESIA, continuing a tradition of more than 50 years long razor blade safety and industrial production in the manufacturing center in Jevíčko which later developed in Indonesia, manufacturer and distributor located in Surabaya, East Java. Both the volume and rate of production of our company ranks among the world's leading manufacturers of carbon steel blades. We are the owners of the famous and recognized trademark TIGER, Tatra, Sokol, LUXOR, LEON AND INDUSTRY that we manufacture and sell our products below.

We contribute to creating a European standard with high quality and at the same time we are able to compete with Asian manufacturers with our prices.

We are not going to reach that position without our reliability and we are sure we will not retain that position without our dynamism. We want to be seen as a reliable and dynamic partner by our customers, shoppers, employees, public and private entities, and residents of our region.

Since the establishment of the region PT.TATRA Indonesian subsidiary is expected to make a major contribution to the design and the target market is the goal of TATRA, especially to Asia.

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